CLASS 1M HOME LEARNING GRID 08.06.2020-12.06.2020

Good morning everyone,

More announcements regarding returning to school have come out today, I hope you are all well and not worrying about your child’s education - do as much as you can, when you can but if your child needs a break do not worry, take their lead. If your learning activity time is limited I would strongly suggest concentrating on reading – whether that be singular words, sentences or books, writing – whether that be again singular words, copying stories/sentences or creating their own and maths – understanding number counting forwards and backwards, adding, subtracting. You have a pack of worksheets the children can work from and below is a grid of activities for you to choose from to help support your children’s learning and development.

If you need any support please feel free to email using Purple Mash, Class Dojo or phone school during school hours.

Please click on the link below to find this weeks Home Learning Grid

Home Learning Grid 1M

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