Class 4/5J HOME LEARNING GRID 08.06.2020-12.06.2020

This morning I want to tell you about the new packs which are available for you to pick up from school now. They have enough learning in them to keep you busy for the next three weeks and I have attached a copy of the letter and the learning grid that you will need to read to help you with the work.Start each day with some reading and then find the English and Maths sheets that have the days of the week written on them. You need to do the ones labelled 8th June first. Keep doing some spelling and times tables work each morning.During the afternoons look at the other subjects. I have suggested days for each subject or you may want to do them in a different order but try to do a piece of Science, Geography, P.E, PHSE, Spanish, music, RE and Art over the week. Follow the links to the lessons I have chosen on BBC Bitesize Daily and The National Academy. Keep an eye on Purple Mash, remember you can get in touch with me on there or by ringing school during office hours.Enjoy your learningStay in touch.Mrs Jenkins

Please click on the link below to access this weeks year 4/5J Home Learning Grid

Year 4/5J Home Learning Challenges June 2020

Mrs Jenkins

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