Class 5/6C HOME LEARNING 09.06.2020

Hi everyone,

Remember your packs are outside of school. There are still quite a few there, remember to collect them whenever you are out and about.

Today's work.


Today we will start a new book on Purple Mash, it is called 'Time Freeze.' I chose this book because it reminded me of a programme I used to love when I was younger called 'The Queen's Nose.'

Read Chapter one, and just like our last book, complete the multiple choice questions in your 2 do's.

Next, I would like you to sequence the events from 1 to 5.


In the book he can stop time but only for ten seconds! How strange is this?

So I want you to think about when this would be useful?

If you could stop time for ten seconds what would you do?

Plan out five different things you would do and write a paragraph explaining each situation and why it would help. Can you create a little story about this?


Follow the link to have a go at the maths problems. They involve problem solving so take you time and do not give up. These problems might take a few attempts to get the correct answer, but this is fine, some things need perseverance.


I would like you to complete the 2 do 'Busy Beats.' This 2 do allows you to make your own music, which is lots of fun. See if you can make an interesting tune. Can you write a short chorus or song to match it?

Don't forget to hand it in so I can have a listen.

Work hard and don't forget to take the time to exercise.

Email me on Purple Mash for anything you need help with.

Take care everyone!

Miss Connearn

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