Hi everyone,

Remember your packs are outside of school. I will be in school today and will try to give each of you a call to check how you are getting on with your work.

Today's work.


Lets continue with our new book on Purple Mash called 'Time Freeze.' If you missed yesterday's work I will leave Chapter 1 on there for you to read.

Chapter 2 today. Answer the multiple choice questions on Purple Mash.

Next answer the questions below.


SPAG Starter.

Complete the tasks below for your starter.

In the book the stopwatch stops time. Similar to the one below.

In the programme I watched as a child. This is what stopped time.

For today's task, I would you like to create a gadget that stops times. Remember in class when we designed a new gadget for Alex Rider in Stormbreaker? We are going to do the same but this stops time.

First I would like you to draw and label the gadget. What does the person holding it have to do to make it work? How long do they know they have left on it?

Now, I would like you to describe this in writing. Image you are trying to sell it to a shop and you are advertising it. Design all the features and exactly how it works.


Follow the link above to have a go at some of the maths games on this website. They are really fun but make sure you challenge yourself as well.

Next complete the questions below before you have a break for lunch.

My Dream Job

Enjoy everyone!

Miss Connearn

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