Hi everyone,

I was able to speak to come of your parents/ carers and even some of you yesterday, you told me about some of the fantastic work you have been doing which is great. Remember to pick up your packs if you haven't yet.

Today's work.


Lets continue with our new book on Purple Mash called 'Time Freeze.'

Chapter 3 today. Answer the multiple choice questions on Purple Mash.

Next answer the questions below.


SPAG Starter.

Complete the tasks below for your starter.

Writing Task

Look at the picture below. There is a lot going on in this picture. Everybody is minding their own business, going their own way. I would like you to describe this picture, I would like you to connect your sentences.

For example:

The clown happily jumped onto the tram, whilst the business man stormed past.


I have set a 2do in Purple Mash called 'Converting units of time.'

First, complete this online lesson to remind ourselves of important facts we need to know.


I want you to think of a character in a book or film. A character that maybe was a bad character, or a lost character.

I want you to create a wanted poster to catch them. On you poster there needs to be some writing. There needs to be:

A description of the character

Why they are wanted

Where they were last seen

A reward

An example of this might something as simple as the troll in the 3 billy goats gruff story.

Enjoy your work!

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