Good morning everyone – is it just me or is this week flying by? I hope you are all well and keeping as cheerful as you can be given the circumstances. I hope you all had a go at yesterday’s work and did as much as you could. Remember there is no pressure to finish the daily tasks I set each day – just do what you can and then re-visit next time if you can.

Here are today’s tasks if you need them.

Maths- Find the worksheet (page 49) from yesterday about rounding up or down after dividing.

  • Have a go at Section C. The principle here is the same as yesterday but the numbers are a little bit bigger. Tip: Remember to use Long Division to help you solve these e.g.

Each box contains 75 pills. How many boxes can be filled from 5000 pills?

5000 ÷ 75 = 66 remainder 50 so the answer is 66 boxes can be filled.

Comprehension - Log onto purple mash and find the 2 dos about our new chosen text: ‘Pit Boys.’

  • Read the sixth chapter of the book and answer the online multiple choice questions.

  • Now answer these questions:

1. “There’s been an accident!” Joseph did not have to act the panic he was feeling.

Explain why Joseph didn’t have to pretend he was feeling full of panic.

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: “But William… Why was Joseph having regrets about trying to stop William from jumping?

3. Why do you think Joseph was so keen to deliver the pie to William’s mother?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: “I made it worse… to the paragraph ending: …she might do. Explain why it was unlikely that Joseph’s mother would find out that he had been part of the plan.

5. Does William have a positive or a negative attitude to life? Use evidence from this chapter to support your answer.

Spelling and Grammar

6. Explain why commas have been used in the sentence below.

His leg, which was bound up with a splint, was propped up on a chair.



7. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below.

News of the terrable/terrible accident was soon swirling around the village. Joseph’s mother thought it was unreasonable/unreasonible for William’s mother to pay a fine. William’s splint didn’t look very comfortable/comfortible.

8. Underline the relative pronoun in the sentence below.

The boy, who was playing with wooden bricks, was William’s younger brother.

9. Insert a semicolon in the correct place in the sentence below.

Joseph offered to deliver the pie he wanted to see his friend.

10. Which verb form completes the sentence?

After Joseph _______________ the pie, he had a conversation with his friend.

(had delivered is delivering has delivered was delivering)

11. Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5.

News of the accident spread around the village.

Mr Davy told Joseph to go home.

Joseph spoke to William about the accident.

Joseph delivered a pie to William’s house.

Joseph heard his mother talking about William’s family.

Writing: Write a newspaper article about the accident at the coal mine.

Remember to include :

  • Write in columns and include a picture with a caption underneath

  • Your newspaper’s name

  • A bold headline to attract the reader

  • What has happened and was anyone hurt

  • When did it happen

  • Where did it happen

  • Give details about the change in the law relating to child workers. Include opinions from mine owners parents and children.

  • Add a quote or two from witnesses.

  • Explain why coalmines are unsuitable places for children to work.

Reading - As always, find yourself a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe –

Mr. A.


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