Dear Reception Class and Parents,

The work for this week commencing Thursday 11th June to Thursday 18th June relates to the pack that I delivered to your house yesterday. There are writing activities and maths activities listed below. They are a little challenging for the children but a necessary part of the curriculum. All that is required is that your child can have some adult support throughout the writing and maths activities. In addition there are different activities in the pack that relate to people who help us at home and these should be able to be completed with more independence.

Key Questions for the week:

Who looks after you/helps you at home? Are all homes the same, or do different people have different family and care set ups?

How can you show someone that you are grateful for all the kind things they do for you? Why is it important to say sorry if you have done something wrong?

Look on YouTube for the story called ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’. There are different teachers reading it aloud so you can choose which one you listen to.

Writing Activities for the week:

  • Why does Isaac start crying? Because he’s got no one to help him where he lives. That would be horrible, wouldn’t it? Who looks after and helps you at home? But how nice it is that that we have all these lovely people helping us and looking after us, whoever they are. You can write about the different family members who help you.

Our homes and the people who look after us there are really important. What kind of homes do Isaac and Donkey live in? What words could we use to describe Isaac’s house of leaves? What about Donkey’s field?

  • What helpful and kind thing does Donkey do for Isaac? And what helpful and kind thing does Isaac do for Donkey? What kind things do people at home do for you? How do we show people that we are grateful to them? Gather ideas: give a hug, say thank you, do something helpful in return (like Isaac does). Write these ideas in the green book.

  • Instead of saying thank you we are going to make and write an extra special thank you card to someone who cares for us at home. Make sure that you write neatly, forming all the letters correctly, carefully spacing the words.

Go on YouTube again and listen to the story ‘Oh No, George!’ What was the first wrong thing that George did? Discuss ideas with someone in your house. And can you say what why it was wrong? Repeat for next misdemeanour.

  • What might George have done to make up for his mischievousness? He did say sorry but he could send a card too. Write a short apology as if written by George: Dear Harry, I am sorry for eating up your cake….

Please click on the link below for some Maths work.


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