CLASS 4/5J HOME LEARNING GRID 15.06.2020-19.06.2020

Good morning everybody.

Just a quick reminder to have a look in your packs and find the work that is in for this week. I have attached another copy of the grid for you to look at.

Home Learning Grid

In English we are looking at writing a diary entry and in maths you need to find the weekly pack which starts with the title Monday- Making the whole.

There is a piece of English for each day of this week and there are maths sheets for Monday to Thursday. On Friday please complete some of the times tables work.

Have a look at the grid in your pack or on last weeks class page. I have suggested days of the week for each of the other subjects. They are,

Monday - P.E / Music and R.E. Follow the links on the grid or look at BBC bitesize daily for ideas.

Tuesday - Complete the science tasks on plants and continue your nature diary.

Wednesday - Spanish lessons from Oak accadamy.

Thursday - Geography. Complete the work on rivers.

Friday - PHSE and Art. Follow the links to heartsmart activities and the lesson on texture at the national academy.

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