Good morning everyone. As it’s my birthday, I thought I’d let you off your lockdown learning responsibilities today.

Only Joking – if I’m in work (which I am) it’s only fair that you keep up with your learning too. I hope you had a good go at yesterday’s tasks and enjoyed reading the start of our new class book: ‘Just the beginning.’ As always, don’t worry if you found something difficult or didn’t quite manage to finish the work I set yesterday, just do your best – you can always finish them before looking at the learning tasks for today. If you did finish, have a go at these.

Maths – Using the same sheet as yesterday, complete the problems you started.

  • Finish the sections marked with a square and a circle on the sheet.

  • Now have a go at the section marked with a triangle. These problems are similar to Year 6 SATs reasoning questions. You need to read the question carefully and then organise your thinking skills to solve the problem.

  • If you have finished all of the above find the booklet entitled Home Learning Year 6 Week 2. Turn to Tuesday’s page (Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits) and have a go at the questions on page 6.

Comprehension - Log onto purple mash and find the 2 dos about our new chosen text: ‘Just the beginning.’

  • Read the second chapter of the book and answer the online multiple choice questions.

  • Now answer these questions:

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: ‘As we descended…’ Give two reasons why Ennio and Miah didn’t rush to get back to their families.

2. Look at the first sentence of the chapter. Why were the children feeling dazed?

3. Look at the first paragraph of the chapter. What does the author mean by a sinister silence?

4. ‘We could so easily have slid and fallen to our deaths, but soon we were on the other side, our feet safely on tarmac again, and we continued our wordless walk into the village.’’ Why do you think that Ennio and Miah were not chatting away to each other?

5. What do you think Mum will tell Ennio about Gran? Give a reason for your answer.


  • Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5.

They descended into a yellow dust cloud.

Ennio and Miah were feeling dazed as they began to make their way down the hillside.

The pair took a huge risk when they crossed an unstable slope.

Ennio felt shocked when he saw his family home.

They children realised that the earthquake had been a big one when they noticed that the church had collapsed.

Spelling Grammar and punctuation.

  1. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below.

As we made our way across the landslide, we were conscious/contious that we were taking a huge risk so we were causcious/cautious as we picked our way across. We just wanted to reach our precious/pretious families.

  1. Tick one box in each row to show whether the sentence is written in the active voice or the passive voice.

One end of our house had been smashed open by the earthquake.

They were covered in dust.

She hugged us both.

  1. Circle the option which shows how the underlined words in the sentence below are used.

Through the dust, I saw the dark shape of my house, and , I couldn’t breathe.

as a main clauseas a fronted adverbialas a subordinate clauseas a noun phrase

  1. Explain why the author has used commas in the sentence below.

My mum’s voice shook, but she spoke calmly, as if overcompensating for the way we were all feeling.


  1. Complete the sentence below by adding a relative clause.

The end of the building ______________________________________________________________

Scene: Outside Ennio’s collapsed house after the earthquake.

Characters: Ennio – a concerned boy and his mum.

(The two characters are surrounded by rubble following the earthquake. Mum has some news about Gran).

Ennio : Are Dad and Gran OK?

Mum: Dad is but…

Reading - As always, find yourself a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed, and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Stay safe –

Mr. A.


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