Good morning Reception and Parents.

We are starting a new pack today on the same topic on ‘People who Help Us’. You will be learning about vets and dentists this week.

People Who help Us: Vets and Dentists

  • Share the front covers and a few pages of both the Vet and the Dentist books. These people have interesting jobs, don’t they? Which one would you rather do? If a vet visited us, what questions would you ask her?

If we write our questions we may well use some special question words at the start of our sentences: look at spellings of why/what/when/where/who etc. Some question sentences begin in different ways: Do…?, Are…?, Can…?, Is…? Look at the question mark, its role and how it’s formed. In the Adult Guided Task, children write a question. Children write a question for a visitor who helps in the local community.

Easy: Children attempt to write their question independently. Prompt to add a question mark and their name.

Medium: Children write their question independently using correct punctuation. They add their name.

Hard: As Medium. Children frame a question using the conjunction ‘or’ (e.g. Do you prefer looking after dogs or horses?

  • What is the best bit about your job - being outside or helping people?).

Key questions to answer

What helpful jobs do different people in our community do?

What punctuation mark goes at the end of a question?

Why is it important to look after our teeth?

Monday: Share the cover and the first pages of the Vet book. How is this book different to The Very Helpful Hedgehog that was in the last home learning pack? This is an information book and not a story.

Tuesday: Say that with information books we don’t always need to start at the beginning. We can jump to the bit we are interested in. How do we know what’s in the book? Look at the Contents page of the Vet book, explain its role, and use it to locate a section of the book children show an interest in. Shared read this page.

Wednesday: Share pages from the Dentist book. Discuss children’s experiences of going to the dentist. Why do we go? How do we feel? The people in the book look pleased to go to the dentist and keep their teeth healthy.

Thursday: Look at the Dentist book and compare it with Vet. Again, use the Contents page to navigate to a section children are interested in. Shared read parts of text from that page. What information have we found out?

Friday: Look at the Indexes of both Vet and Dentist and discuss their role. Help children spot the alphabetical order used. Read some of the words, find the relevant page and check it.

Poetry/Rhyme of the Week: Old MacDonald Had a Farm/ End of a Girl’s First Tooth

Enjoy singing together and learning together.

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