CLASS 2L HOME LEARNING 13.07.2020 17.07.2020


This is your final week of home schooling you'll be happy to know! Well done for trying so hard to keep yourself busy and completing the tasks that have been set. I know this cannot have been easy when you're not in the classroom, you don't have your teacher there to ask for help and then you must have had all kinds of distractions making it a challenge to concentrate. However you are nearly there and need to look forward to a long break from home schooling over the summer holidays and look forward to returning to school in September. You'll be reuniting with your friends and your teachers and teaching assistants to start fresh and hopefully be beginning to put all of this disruption behind you.

Although we didn't get to finish the whole year together it was lovely teaching you whilst it lasted. I think you shall all go on to do well in Year 3 and I hope that you will come back feeling rested and raring to go. I wish you all the luck in the world!

Anyway with that being said I have attached your final class grid of home learning. Again the English and Maths sheets have the day at the top so you know what to do when.


Good luck!

Miss Lek

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