Class 5/6A Home Learning 06.01.2021

The silver secrets of the Golden Hind 2

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: Instead of shining… How did León know that he was on a different ship?

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: It all sounded… Why did the rough handling of the trunk make León think that the ship was sinking?

3. Hearing Diego speak words of Spanish to him instantly comforted León. Why did this make León feel instantly comforted?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: León thought he… Give two reasons to explain why the boys who helped the gunners were called powder monkeys.

5. Using León’s situation as an example, explain the meaning of the following saying: the grass is not always greener.

6. Copy out the sentences below using the correct spellings of the words in bold type.

The sailors thought that the trunk contained precious/pretious treasure. León was conscious/constious before he crawled out of the trunk that he was on a different ship. The food on board galleons was neither delicious/delitious nor nutricious/nutritious.

7. Copy out each sentence below adding if it is written in the active voice or the passive voice in brackets (A or P)

The trunk was being roughly handled by a crew of English sailors.

The captain lifted the lid and pulled aside the sacking.

He waved a hand to the sailors.

8. Underline the relative clause in the sentence below.

Diego led him down and introduced him to a boy around his own age, who showed him the ropes.

9. What do you think the phrase ‘show him the ropes’ means?

10. He was a short, stocky man with a sandy-coloured beard and red cheeks, the right of which bore a scar from an arrow wound.

a) What is the name of the punctuation mark that is between the words sandy and coloured?

b) Explain why the punctuation mark between sandy and coloured has been used.

11. Underline the simile in the following sentence.

Instead of shining bars of gold, he saw the cowering figure of a child with a mop of hair as black as a raven’s wings

12. Think of a couple of different (but suitable similes) to describe the child’s hair. Write the sentences down.

13. Write down the following events in the order in which they happened in the story.

The captain on the Golden Hind stood over León and sent for his manservant.

Diego took León down to the gun deck.

Drake told Diego to reassure León that he was not going to harm him.

León was transported to another ship.

León felt instantly comforted when he heard Diego’s voice.

14. Now have a look at the writing task on the 2 do’s page. Write about a situation or two when you thought the grass was greener on the other side but it actually wasn’t.

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