Class 5/6A Home Learning 07.01.2021

The Silver Secrets of the Golden Hind 3

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: In the following… Diego was a good friend to León. How can you tell this by his actions? Give two ways.

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: “The Spaniards were… Why did León tell Diego about how he had been treated by the chief steward?

3. Look from the paragraph beginning: “When Drake arrived… to the paragraph ending: … silver was hidden.” Why did Drake feel that he could rely on the Cimarrons to keep the location of the treasure a secret?

4. Look from the paragraph beginning: “Then why do… to the paragraph ending: … at last Diego spoke. Why did it take Diego a long time to speak after he hung his head?

5. “Because when I came away, I broke my word to someone else. Her name was Almira, the daughter of a Cimarron chief. I loved her from the day I met her.” What did Diego mean by the phrase broke my word?

6. Copy out the sentences below using only the correct spelling of the words in bold type.

León’s life as a powder monkey was not very enjoyable/enjoyible. Diego was the only person who made León’s life bearable/bearible. León listened to Diego’s incredable/incredible tale about being one of Drake’s guides.

7. Explain why the commas have been used in the sentence below.

The sight of her anchored offshore sparked something inside me, a taste for adventure perhaps, for a life on the ocean.

8. Copy the sentence below into your book and insert a semicolon (;) in the correct place.

The treasure had to be hidden it was too heavy to carry back to the ships.

9. Write a phrase containing at least three words to complete the sentence below. Remember to punctuate your answer correctly

----------------------------------------------------------------- was listening to his friend talk about hidden treasure.

10. Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5. The first one has been done for you.

León asked Diego why he had left his people behind to become a servant to an English captain.

Diego revealed to León why the ship was heading for Panama.

Diego made sure he spent time with León each day and the pair were beginning to become good friends.

Diego said that when he first set eyes on Drake’s galleon, he yearned for a life of adventure on the ocean.

Diego told León about how he had met Drake.

11. Sometimes, he just sat with León up on deck and talked about the past and how he had come to work for the English captain that the Spaniards called El Draque—The Dragon.

a) What is the name of the punctuation mark that is between the words Draque and The?

b) Explain why the punctuation mark between Draque and The has been used.

12. Copy out each sentence below adding if it is written in the active voice or the passive voice in brackets (A or P)

The Spanish plantations were burned down by the Cimarrons.

Diego and the Cimarrons stole the bags of Spanish silver.

The powder Monkey’s chatter was translated into Spanish by Diego.

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