Class 5/6A Home Learning 11.01.2020

The Silver Secrets of The Golden Hind 5

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: The trouble was… Why was León looking for a hanging rock?

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: The trouble was… What was León’s biggest worry?

3. It was a small stream, snaking its way between huge moss-covered boulders. What does the word snaking tell you about the river?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: The sound of… Why did León need to be careful as he stretched forward and reached down under the rock?

5. How did Drake reward León for finding the location of the hidden silver?

6. Copy out the sentences below using only the correct spelling of the words in bold type.

Navigating his way through the jungle was not enjoyable/enjoyible for León because the plants were considerably/consideribly dense. He was a sensable/sensible boy and knew that the position of the sun in the sky could help him.

7. Which sentence is the most formal? Copy it out.

a) León has got the manservant job. b) León has been given the job of manservant.

c) León has been appointed as the manservant. d) León has landed the manservant job.

8. Write out the sentence below, inserting a semicolon in the correct place.

Drake needs a new manservant Diego is definitely not coming back to the ship.

9. Copy and circle the correct verb form in each underlined pair to complete the sentences below.

The bags was/were tied together like a string of sausages. León was/were feeling excited about the adventures that lay ahead. The Golden Hind, looking sleek and warlike, was/were anchored offshore.

10. Rewrite the sentence below so that it is in the active voice.

The Spaniards were frightened away by Drake’s musket.

11. Write down these events in the order in which they happened. The first one has been done for you.

León crept away from the huts whilst everyone was sleeping. 1

Drake asked León about Diego’s whereabouts.

León headed towards a small stream and began to climb over the huge moss-covered boulders.

León was surrounded by armed Spaniards and fell to his knees in surrender.

León realised that he needed to head east so that he could pick up the trail that he had been following with Diego.

12. Copy the sentence below and underline the main clause.

He crawled back along the hanging rock, dragging the heavy skin bag as he went.

13. Use inverted commas (speech marks) to correctly punctuate the sentence below.

Let’s get the silver into the boats and back onto the ship, Drake instructed. It’s time to go home.

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