Class 5/6A Home Learning 12.02.2021

Ted and the Flying Fruit 1

Open-Ended Questions

1. Why did Miss Jones frown at Ted and Max before the assembly had started?

2. Look at the first paragraph of the chapter, up to the sentence ending: in his mouth. Find two pieces of evidence to suggest that Ted’s body was finding it difficult to digest the Chilli Chocolate-Covered Insects.

3. “It can’t be real fire!” gasped Max. But the smoke was real enough, as were the burnt pieces of rope fluttering down to the stage. What does the word fluttering tell you about how the burnt pieces of rope fell down to the stage?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: However, Max happily… Why do you think that Max only expected to be given one fruit sweet?

5. Look at the paragraph beginning: As they filed… to the paragraph ending: try some then.” What does Mr Banana’s reaction tell you about how he feels about the children sampling his produce?

6.Copy out the sentences below using only the correct spellings of the words in bold type..

Most pupils found the assembly enjoyable/enjoyible but Ted was feeling horrably/horribly distracted and uncomfortable/uncomfortible because of his rumbling stomach.

7. Insert a semicolon in the correct place in the sentence below.

Miss Jones ordered Ted and Max to hurry up they were late for assembly.

8. Rewrite the underlined verb in the sentence below so that it is in the past tense.

Miss Jones works at the school.

9.Copy the sentences below and add A or P in brackets if they are written in the active or passive voice.

The voices in the hall were quickly drowned out by booming electronic music.

She took the gold rope in her hand and twisted it.

Tasty sweets were being given out by Mr Banana.

10. Write a noun phrase containing at least three words to complete the sentence below.

_______________________________ was getting ready to impress the children with a dazzling performance.

11. Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5.

The first one has been done for you.

Ted and Max made their way into the main hall.

A woman dressed as a grape climbed up a rope that was engulfed in flames.

Ted ate a packet of insects that were covered in chilli chocolate. 1

Miss Jones introduced some special assembly guests.

The children were spellbound by the agile fruits catapulting themselves across the stage

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