Class 5/6A Home Learning 13.02.2021

Ted and the Flying Fruits 2

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: Just as Spud… Find and copy one word meaning fell heavily.

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: Ted frowned at… to the paragraph ending: …she hurried to her seat. Find and copy three phrases that suggest Mr Royal was not feeling normal.

3. Ted and Tilly decided to follow the class towards the cafeteria. Was this a wise decision? Give a reason for your answer.

4. Why did Ted think that it was a good idea to tell Miss Jones about what had been happening?

5. Why were Ted and Tilly not behaving like zombies?

6. Underline the correct spellings to complete the sentence below.

Mr Royal’s class was usually obediant/obedient; he had little tolerance/tolerence for talking in class, but today he didn’t seem very observant/observent.

7. “We hope that you are all bubbling with energy from our Flying Fruits sweets and are having a fun-filled morning!”

a) What is the name of the punctuation mark between ‘fun’ and ‘filled’ in the sentence above?

b) Why has this punctuation mark been used?

8. Insert a pair of commas in the correct place in the sentence below.

Mr Royal usually a strict teacher hadn’t noticed that Max and Ted had been whispering.

9. Which sentence contains a relative clause? Choose one.

He chewed a couple and took a deep breath; then he sat down.

She stood there for a moment, looking puzzled.

Royal seemed to have forgotten she was there and so she hurried to her seat.

“Now, please make your way to the cafeteria, where you will receive more Flying Fruits goodness.”

10. Complete the sentence below by adding a suitable adverbial of time.

_______________________________, there was a crackle on the classroom speakers.

11. Put these events in the order in which they happened in the story, numbering them from 1 to 5. The first one has been done for you.

Ted hurried to his Maths lesson.

Mr Royal looked at his class as if he’d never seen them before.

Tilly Gregg apologised for being late and said that she had been at the dentist’s.

Ted thought that Spud’s behaviour was peculiar. 1

Max told Ted that he was feeling tired.

12. Is the sentence below written in the passive or active voice?

As they ran past the science lab, Ted and Tilly were grabbed by two Zombie-like hands.

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