Class 5/6A Home Lerning 08.01.2021

The silver secrets of the Golden Hind. 4

Open-Ended Questions

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: A few days… Why did Drake agree to let León join the men who were going ashore?

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: Drake had given… Explain why the men didn’t stay together as one group.

3. Look at the paragraph beginning: There they swung… At what point would Diego and León have realised that they had been captured by people who wished them no harm?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: They heard voices… What evidence is there to suggest that the people outside the hut respected Almira’s father?

5. Look from the paragraph beginning: “But that’s it… to the paragraph ending: …rejoin El Draque. Even though he had been made to feel very welcome, why did León feel like he couldn’t stay? Give two reasons.

6. Copy the sentences below using only the correct spelling of the words in bold type.

Drake decided that León would be allowed/aloud to join the group. As they made their way into the jungle, they felt wary/weary of the Spaniards. Before mourning/morning, León would slip away silently and rejoin El Draque.

7. Underline the modal verbs in the sentence below.

The Spaniards must not get wind that El Draque is back or they will come to claim the silver and get their revenge for the raid on the mule train.

8. Underline the two adverbials of place in the sentence below.

As they got deeper into the jungle, the air seemed to be alive with the fluty calls of strange birds and howler monkeys screeching in the canopy.

9. Rewrite the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences with the correct choice of tense.

León and Diego were hoisted up into the trees because they were (to catch) by a trap, which was a huge net woven from plant material that (to hide) over a pit covered with leaves.

10. Insert a pair of commas in the correct place in the sentence below.

He thought that the chief looked solemn even angry but he was listening carefully to everything Diego said.

11. Copy out these events in the order in which they happened in the story. The first one has been done for you.

León and the group began the long trek to find the hidden treasure.

Diego showed León the clues he had hidden previously.

Diego and León feasted on a range of mouth-watering dishes.

The Golden Hind dropped anchor off the coast of Panama. 1

León and Diego’s trek came to an abrupt end.

12. Copy out the sentences below adding whether they are passive or active (P or A) in brackets at the end.

Leon and Diego were captured by the Cimarrons.

The chief of the Cimarrons spoke calmly to Diego and Leon.

Almeria’s heart was broken by Diego when he left for adventures at sea.

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