Schools Closing Date has changed for Christmas 2020


Dear Parents/Carers

I am sure many of you will have heard on the news the announcement last night from the Government that they are advising that schools finish a day early for Christmas due to the need to continue to track and trace contacts of Covid cases. After much discussion about what is the best thing to do for our families, we have decided to follow this advice and close at the end of school on Thursday 17th instead of Friday 18th December. The Friday will be an INSET day for staff which will be done remotely.

I realise that this is very short notice and is something we are very reluctant to do but we do feel that this will help to protect your Christmas. School has been asked to be available to contact families for 6 days after the last day of school if there is a positive test within a class bubble. If we closed on Friday, it would mean that you could potentially be told on Christmas Eve that your child would have to self-isolate over Christmas. For some of you this would mean cancelling your Christmas plans at the last minute. We recognise that this could leave families with no time to buy food and make arrangements for Christmas Day. By closing a day earlier, this will at least give one extra day to make alternative arrangements.

We do hope that we will not have any positive cases of Covid before Christmas as we want everyone to be able to enjoy the festive period. With this in mind, we ask that everyone takes extra care over the next 2 weeks to stay safe and follow the Government guidance to maintain social distance at all times, wash hands/sanitise regularly and wear a mask. This is for the sake of all our families.

Please find attached the Government guidance on what to do if you have a positive test in the period following school closure. To sum it up:

  • If your child develops symptoms whilst still at school, please inform school immediately and get a test, informing us of the result

  • If your child develops symptoms on Friday 18th or Saturday 19th December, please get a test and inform school via email if the test is positive. You do not need to inform us if the test is negative.

  • If your child develops symptoms any time after 19th December, you do not need to inform school but should get a test and follow the Public Health England advice and work with them to track and trace your contacts.

  • The bubble will not need to isolate if symptoms do not start on or after Sunday 20th December as there has been a gap of 48 hours from the last contact in school.

Once school has finished on Thursday 17th, you can only get in touch with us via email on the office email address:

If we receive information that a bubble has to isolate, we will contact you via text message and email. Please make sure we have your up to date numbers and email addresses.

We do thank you all for your support and sincerely hope that everyone will be able to enjoy safe and happy Christmas.

With all good wishes

Kathryn Bolton

Head Teacher

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