Learn Together, Shine Together.

At Holy Trinity our mission is to ensure that each person in our school community can flourish and live life in all its fullness as they know they are cherished and loved by God and are provided with the best possible opportunities to learn together, work hard together and shine together. We support each other as we learn to live out Christian values, making our school a happy, friendly, safe place to be.

Welcome to Holy Trinity CE Primary School

May I offer you a very warm welcome to Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School. We are a friendly, caring, church school and work in partnership with St. Peter’s Church to serve our local community. We welcome everyone as part of God’s family and ensure that all our children know that they are loved by God and precious to Him.  Christian values underpin everything that we do as we encourage the children to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and demonstrate God’s love for each other, our community and the world.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our pupils through a broad, vibrant, rich curriculum which provides opportunities for all to excel in different ways.  Our school motto, ‘Learn Together, Shine Together’, which was chosen by our children, is based upon the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:16), ‘Let your Light Shine’ and it sums up our core values of providing an excellent education and giving our children the opportunity to SHINE, celebrating each one as an individual, with their own special gifts and talents, which we nurture, develop and celebrate.


With an unremitting focus on standards we strive to provide our children with the best possible learning opportunities in an exciting, engaging learning environment so that they may  flourish in all areas of their development including academically, socially, spiritually and morally.  We aim to ensure that every child is equipped with the skills, confidence and resilience they need to grow into successful, happy and ambitious individuals.


We are very proud of our school and our children. Please take the time to browse our website and find out more about us and what we are doing here at Holy Trinity.  If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If you are interested in joining our family, you are very welcome to make a visit to our school – just call to make an appointment.



Kind regards

Mrs Kathryn Bolton

Head Teacher

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March 30, 2020

Good morning all of you,

Welcome to our second week of school closure and social distancing. I hope you are all coping well and keeping safe.

I hope you had a great weekend and did something other than school work to keep yourself amused.

As it is now Monday, it is time to open your learning packs again for this week’s activities.

Day 6 of the Maths ‘ten in ten booklet’ is the expectation today. Remember. if you have missed any of the previous days, you are going to have to spend a little extra time catching up but please don’t go further than day 6 today or you will run out of things to do before the end of the week.

As for your comprehension task today, have a look at the Running booklet again. You should have already read and answered the questions about ‘Running’ on Friday – if not, it need...

March 30, 2020

Good morning Reception class

Where has all that lovely sunshine gone? What a shame. I hope that you and your families are all well and keeping safe. I also hope that you are doing something every day from the learning pack and from the website.

Your task today is to get a big pile of books. They don’t all have to be your books – just a pile that is big enough so you can do some adding and taking away. See if you can make some number cards out of paper. Write each number 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 on their own piece of paper. Once you have made your cards, turn them over so you can’t see the numbers. Pick 2 cards up and add them together using the books as counting equipment. Write your sums out using the + and = symbols. Then take the smaller number away from the bigger number. Write the...

March 30, 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I made a cake- which I must say was delicious and I ate a lot of it. I also unsuccessfully made chocolate brownies. I have been doing exercise on my rug in the front room and been calling my family. What have the children been up to? I would like them to start a diary. Can they write a couple of sentences a day, what have they done? How did they feel? What are the grateful/hopeful for? I would love to read them when we are back at school.

Keep safe

Miss McKeown

March 30, 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Lets begin with a workout!


Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgppUh8ukZ8 you can listen to my favourite Roald Dahl story, The Twits. Listen up to the end of ‘The wormy spaghetti’ and then answer three more questions from your reading tasks. Please answer these in your books.

Now make a board game with instructions of how to play- do this with a parent or brother or sister if you like. Show your parents and have a go at playing it yourselves! Are there any areas you could improve?  

Next, there are lots of activities to have a go at on times tables rockstars or purple mash maths for 40 minutes, please try the fraction wall game. Remember I am available to messag...

March 30, 2020

Hello all,

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend and a break from your home learning!

Today I would like you to start the week right and tune in to the Joe Wicks PE Lesson to get your minds and bodies switched on and feeling good.

English: I would like to choose a member of your household to describe. We have practised this in school writing character descriptions. Remember to use the correct punctuation, adjectives to describe and challenge your self to add expanded noun phrases. You could describe their appearance, then their personality and perhaps things they enjoy doing or are good at. You could draw a picture afterwards.

Maths: Continuing with money. I would like you to follow the link and practise making different amounts and choosing the right coins e.g making £1.46.


March 30, 2020

Morning everyone,

Hello everyone! Hope you have had a fantastic weekend and stayed safe. 

Ready for another week of digit learning.


I want us to start our week with half an hour of reading. This could be reading alone, to an adult or a brother or sister. After half an hour could you ask three questions about the book? 

Next I would like you to make a prediction, what will happen next?

If you are reading a non-fiction book, write down your 3 favourite facts and explain why.


Today I would like you to plan your next piece of writing from your pack. The Secret World. 

Read the story starter, we are going to write a portal story. 

What can you see at the other side of the fence? Write in first person- I, we

Describe the scene. Where have all the things gone? How? 

The fence i...

March 30, 2020

Good morning everybody.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I have been talking to Mrs Lucas and Mrs Lynch about our class and telling them how hard  you are working.

Mrs Lynch reminded me that if we had been in school she had been planning  to talk to us about her tortoises once we had finished Esio Trot. 

She sent me this photo so your writing task this morning is to look at it and then write down five questions that you could ask Mrs Lynch about them. Try to think of questions that would give you the most information about the tortoises in the photograph. Write them in your blue book and then, if you can, e mail them to me so that I can ask her. Let's see how much we can find out!

After a break complete your tables packs. You should be getting faster by now! Try the games on purple mas...

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