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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Learn Together, Shine Together

Learn Together, Shine Together

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Rounders fun in PE!


In English we have been preparing and planning a news report based on our class novel, 'The Iron Man'. We created a script using questions that we would ask someone who witnessed the space-bat-angel-dragon coming down to earth. The children carried out some role play as interviewers and interviewees to dive deeper into how characters in the story were feeling.

Design Technology 

In DT we have been practicing pop-up book techniques that we may decide to use in our pop up book version of the Iron Man at the end of term. Children will develop skills over the next few weeks and decide on their prefered pop-up strategy.



PSHE - Schools Linking Project

In our PSHE lesson we have been learning about how we can become socially active and how we can help our local environment and the wider world. As a class we discussed how we could be better at recycling, help the homeless, donate to Ukraine and create better habitats for wildlife. We came up with lots of things we cared about and added them to the kindness tree in our classroom. We then planted sunflowers as a way of looking after our environment, providing pollen for bees.

Geography - Mega cities

In geography we have started a new topics looking at megacities, in our first lesson we looked at the population and size of megacities. We also looked at any features we could find such as: Tall buildings, cars, small lakes and ponds and lots of people. We then identified which features were physical features and which were human features. The children then calculated the average square meter using the population. After looking at the top ten megacities in the world, children used atlases to find where these cities were located.


In PE our new topic is rugby, in our first lesson we got familiar with the shape of a rugby ball and discussed the rules of rugby. Children learned that we were allowed to touch the ball with out hands and that we have to pass the ball by throwing it effectively to our team mates. We also learned that in a game of rugby we have to pass the ball backwards.

Rat making in Design Technology!

Linking to the novel 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' we created our own rats. We learned how to thread a needle, sew a button on, stuff the felt and then sew it together with a straight stitch. The children loved this activity and enjoyed adding things to their rat each week.


Making teeth - Science

Tree Planting

Last week, as part of our Young Leaders Award we helped to plant 40 trees around our school grounds. We had to dig with spades, plant the trees then add long tubes over the new trees to stop any animals from eating them. Finally, we supported the trees with sticks to help them to grow straight. Year 3 loved this activity and all got involved to help plant the trees. Well done- you all showed great teamwork!

The Digestive System - Beans and bread activity

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Taking inspiration from Kandinsky's work in Art

Making Viking Brooches!

Bulb Planting in our local community